St. Alban's Kids Enrolment Form

This enrolment form is essential for all children in programs at St Alban's Lindfield.

  • Sparklers on Sunday morning (walkers to preschool)
  • Blast on Sunday morning (Kindy to Year 5)
  • Kids Club on Friday afternoon (Kindy to Year 5)

Please complete this form for EACH of your children. If applicable, click the "Add Another Child" button at the bottom of the form.

Child's Info

Do you give permission for your child's photos and/or videos to be used for the following purposes?

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian #1

This is the main contact for all notices and communication regarding your child.

Parent/Guardian #2

This is the secondary contact and should be an adult relative or friend who is easily contactable in case of emergency.

Emergency Contact

This must be different to the Parents/Guardians provided above eg grandparent, family, friend, adult sibling etc.


My signature below indicates:

  • My willingness to permit my child to participate fully in the children programs of the parish of St Alban's Lindfield.
  • That I give my permission, in the case of a medical emergency, to the doctor chosen (either by the church authorities or other persons supervising or administering the activities), to secure proper treatment for and/or hospitalisation, injection, anaesthetic or surgery for my child as named.  I understand that every effort will be made to contact me prior to instituting such procedures.